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The Hope Stone

A stone is in existence in our everyday surroundings. They come in many shapes, sizes, colours and densities just like love. The stone is the foundation of our earth. Regardless of the elements is exposed to, solid and firm it remains strong. When a stone falls from a cliff or a rock face it has sharp edges. If you step on it hurts, but over time the rough edges are worn away and the stone feels smooth to touch. When someone we love dies, it hurts inside and sometimes it's painful to think of that person. But if you are patient, these painful feelings will be worn away just like the sharp edges on the stone.

I want you to hold on to your stone when you are in need of COMFORT. May it be a reminder as you travel the road of grieving, it is as individual in identity as each stone.


May your stone provide you with COURAGE. The courage to confront sorrow and like the stone, natural elements will alter the surface, but it still remains solid.


May your stone remind you of LOVE. Sometimes walked upon, passed by and unnoticed...but forever present and solid.


Lastly, may your stone bring HOPE. Hope that the pain you feel deep within your heart will someday minimize. We cannot erase this pain...the pain is the price we pay for love. But, it can change its intensity and its depth. It can change its colour but only with hope. Hope isn't a place or thing. Hope is not the absence of pain or sadness. Hope is the possibility of renewed joy...It's the memory of love given and received. Hope is here, within the magic and memories of the heart.

As you hold this stone, over time, you may notice the word "hope" will wear away. The hope is not worn: just relocated deep within your heart to carry for the rest of your days. No one is ever gone until the memories cease. May the love be what you remember most.

Life is not forever......Love is!

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