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Resources To Support Grieving Children

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Thank you for visiting Puddle Jumper Publishing, we hope that our stories have helped you find the words to explain death and feelings of grief to a young child.  Grief is a life long process that changes over time. Every caring adult could use a little extra help in supporting a grieving child. 


The below websites will help you learn more about the way children grieve and how you can support them.  There are also tools for educators and teachers! 

Canadian Virtual Hospice Kids Grief Webpage: 

Canadian Virtual Hospice Youth Grief Webpage:

Children and Youth Grief Network:

Canadian Alliance for Children's Grief:

Children's Grief Foundation of Canada: 


Additional Resources for Death From Substance Use: When Someone Has Died A Substance Related Death:

Mom's Stop the Harm:

Gone Too Soon: Navigating Grief and Loss Handbook:

Additional Resources for Death From Suicide: When Someone Has Died By Suicide:

Canadian Institute for Suicide Prevention:

Lifeline Canada Foundation:

Winston's Wish: 

Fun in the Rain
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