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Puddle Jumper Publishing helps caring adults support grieving children.  Our carefully crafted storybooks will open honest and concrete conversations about death and gently introduce the concept of grief. 


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Puddle Jumper Publishing helps caring adults support grieving children.  Talking about death with children can be a challenge - these grief stories will provide you with a framework for discussing death in a direct, concrete and supportive way. 

Each story is carefully crafted to explain how the death occurred in child-friendly terms and introduce the concept of grief.  The stories are designed to open a conversation about the 5 most common informational needs of grieving children (known as the 5Cs):

1.) They did not CAUSE it

2.) They will not CATCH it

3.) They cannot CURE it

4.) They will still be CARED for

5.) They will stay CONNECTED to the person who died 

All stories in the Puddle Jumper Publishing Collection contain reader's tips, conversational prompts, suggestions to support children's grief and helpful resources.  Appropriate for children 4 -12 years old.


Honouring legacy is important to us, each story is available in pronoun options to memorialize the person who died. 

Jumping in Puddles

"For adults, grief is like wading through this enormous river,

whereas for kids,

it is puddle jumping.

 But when they are in that puddle it is no different to the river."

Julie Stokes, 

Winston's Wish


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